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Will a low deflection shaft improve your game?

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Will a low deflection shaft improve your game? Empty Will a low deflection shaft improve your game?

Post  admin on Sun Feb 28, 2010 1:21 am

This is a big question with no simple answer. Many people swear by low deflection shafts, yet many hate them. If you are use to compensating for deflection then it will take some time getting use to one. How long is really a matter of how well you adapt to new things. Do they have advantages, well of course they do. Those advantages are however small in the big aspect of things. It can indeed improve the game of someone who has good knowledge and fundamentals for the game. The flip side is it will not take an average player and make them start running racks. Nothing beats practice, and I will argue that point with anyone. Practice makes perfect and indeed creates champions at any sport. If it was simple as buying equipment everyone would be making tons of money at their favorite past time. So if your looking to improve your games stability then indeed these shafts can help, but if your looking for a miracle cure your better off saving your money and practicing daily. I have seen people good enough to beat most with a common house stick and other various items, so as said its really not what your shooting with that makes the player rather than the player who makes the equipment look good.

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