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Mali V-6 cue

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Mali V-6 cue Empty Mali V-6 cue

Post  admin on Sun Mar 28, 2010 4:51 am

The mali v-6 cue is a great cue for the price. I really enjoy the old school look and classic feel. The cue uses the same 5/16 x 14 joint as schon, lucasi, and other brands so the hit is quiet similar. The thing most people do not understand is the hit of a cue is actually due to shaft taper, tip size, and other factors. A cue is basically a cue and a good player can do wonders with any cue once adjusted to it. Go head and laugh I said it!......A $5,000 dollar cue will not make you shoot any better........Reyes would still beat you with a house stick and an eraser glued to it for a tip.........practice is what makes a great player.....along with some natural talent. So for those who start to bash china cues just remember the quality has gone up a lot in these cues, and also most brands are being manufactured in other countries now. Lucasi, Adams, and even some mcdermotts. These are all good alternatives for those who want a good shooting cue without spending a small fortune. Now to those who can afford I say buy a custom cue with tons of inlays......I love them myself.......its human nature to think that if it looks better and cost more must really be better.....but there is indeed no magic wand that will make you shoot like a pro.

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