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What is a spot?

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What is a spot? Empty What is a spot?

Post  admin on Sat May 29, 2010 12:56 am

First off a spot is a way to make a game more even. If a stronger player is playing a weaker opponent he will often spot him to keep the guy playing. A spot comes in many variations and has many stipulations. These often need to be talked about before a game. I am not going into every type of spot but will name a few.

1. 7 out basically a term which means when you reach the 7 ball and make it the game is over. However if the seven is potted by the person giving the spot then it moves to the 8.

2. 6 wild or 6 call...... this means that if wild and you make the six ball you win the game. If it is call 6 you must call the pocket before pocketing the six and if you do so you win the game. Again if the person giving the spot pots the ball first by a carom or getting to it first then you play all the way to the 9 and the spot is basically dead.

3. Games on the wire.....this can be in many variations as well but basically if I tell you that you have two games on the wire in a race to eleven....this means you have two games already given to you. So you only need to reach 9 while I must go to 11.

4. Last two....this means the last two balls are your money balls. This is a good spot because there is no early caroms with this one. No matter what happens the last two are the money balls for the person getting the spot. So if the 7 and 9 are left on the table those are your money balls. Now if in the end you shoot at the 7 and miss and the person giving the spot pots it then it moves to the 9 of course. A lot of people think this spot is weaker than giving the 8....however when someone is giving you the eight you can rest assure they will probably try to outrun the spot and pocket the ball early.

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