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Viking Vm-36

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Viking Vm-36 Empty Viking Vm-36

Post  admin on Thu Feb 25, 2010 12:06 am

Okay if you want a great shooting production cue at a budget price then I would say check out the vm-36. It was last made in 1999, and as most know has evolved into the viking F-96, and G03 versions. What I mean by evolved is that Viking has a cross over sheet where they take cues already in production and then make slight changes to those and release under another number or name. This cue has a great hit, and the weight seems to be distributed across the entire butt instead of just toward the end. The tip provides a soft medium hit, and overall is a great cue for the money. You can find this cue at shooters for $104 which is a steal. It retails for close to $100 higher than this. So for a little above $100 for a viking, you can't go wrong!

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