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Cue Makers Please Read!

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Cue Makers Please Read! Empty Cue Makers Please Read!

Post  admin on Sat Nov 12, 2011 4:55 pm

We have a special private area for cuemakers to share building techniques and suppliers. We will update the list as often as we can, and also allow cue makers to make updates to it as well. This part of the forum is for sharing information and not critizing others work. It will not be tolerated, however discussions are allowed that are in disagreement. All I ask is you are civil like you would wish to be treated. No family, religous, or other type remarks will be tolerated from anyone.

The goal of this section is to help share knowledge and come up with better pricing for parts, and easier ways of doing task. It is a private forum area so regular members cannot read nor write in that section. To join you need to send me a PM stating you wish to be part of the group. Aspiring cuemakers are also welcome as long as they have a lathe and have done some repair type work.

The section of the forum is called Cue Makers Corner. It does not show up when you are a regular member, so please send a pm telling me you would like to become a member of the group.

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